Caterina Barregar is a 4 time Amazon Author and an iTunes contributor.  

Caterina is an Empath first, a Professional Life/Relationship Coach, Medical Intuitive, (member of the International Medical Intuitive Association), Reiki Master, and NLP Practitioner. 

Caterina specializes in coaching people who are emerging empaths, or those who are struggling with their  gift of intuition and/or empathy. 

She also believes, that through mindset, energy work, and coaching, a person 

can heal on a physical, emotional or spiritual level.  

 Caterina realized very early on in life, that she was different from others.  At 8 years of age, had her first medically intuitive vision,  and have since then learned to use her empathic and intuitive skills to help others heal.   

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