Are you single and wondering why you either can't find a relationship, or why it is that you can't seem to keep one?

Have you been out of the dating scene for a long time and are not sure how to get back into it? 

Do you have some trauma about relationships that you would like to heal? 

Are you in a relationship that feels boring and wondering if you want to stay or go?

Are you in a relationship and wonder if your partner is cheating? 

Curious About Where To Start?

If you need help with your relationship with self and/or others and if you said yes to any of the above, I am excited to offer you a complimentary coaching session with me to explore the possibilities of working together.  

It doesn't matter if you are an empath, intuitive, sensitive, or simply someone who is having relationship issues.  

If you are however, and empath, you know for yourself, that relationships can be more difficult, because empaths have a tendency to attract difficult relationships and a great desire to help their partners to heal.  

The empath, will sometimes opt for a life without a romantic partner, because, the energies they feel from their partner are sometimes too much for them.  And so, they often opt for people who are temporary in their lives.  

Having said that, there are many empaths, who are in successful relationships, because they have learned how to navigate their empathic world, have healed some of their past trauma, and trust their intuitiveness when it comes to choosing a partner.   

And then there are those, just like I used to be, who want to save everyone, fix everyone and help everyone.  Unfortunately, Narcissists and abusers are very attracted to the healers of the world.  

There are many kinds of Empaths, and if you know what kind you are, then it will be easier for you to understand your relationship dynamics.  

No matter what type of personality type you attract into your life, there are many positives in each of these people, and once you have learned how to interact with them, and teach them how to interact with you, then you will create magnificent, passionate, and loving relationships.  

And if you have reached my page, regardless of whether you are an empath or not, there is a reason.  Some of my work will help you to uncover your best self, learn to navigate your world, thoughts, and behaviors, and rewrite your story. 

Let me introduce you.... To yourself!  

Self esteem has a lot to do with how we move around in our busy world.   When you have better self esteem, your relationships in all areas of life will change.   With consistent work you will become all you are meant to be in the world. You will manifest the life you love and the relationships you have dreamed of will come to you in the best possible way.  And if you are an empath, you will learn that your gift is a blessing and that you can share it with the world and not lose yourself or your most important relationships.  

So if this resonates with you, and you answered yes to at least one of the questions above, please book my 45 minute complimentary phone session below.  

Caterina Barregar


These quizzes are designed to help you to clarify many situations that you might find yourself in. Check out the one that applies to you.   You will be asked to answer several multiple choice questions.  At the end of the quiz, you will receive the results by email.   

Sometimes, we just need a little bit of clarity, and this quiz is designed to help you clarify your feelings and intuitive sense about what may or may not be going on in your relationship.  

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