Relationship and Life Coaching

"In this world of instant 'response, gratification, and information, this may seem to have taken a long time to write.  Trust me, the work that Caterina has been doing for myself and for our family, has never stopped from the date in May, when, in a flash of an eye, our world changed.  On that day a member of our immediate family was hit on his way to work, by a big ol' SUV.  The details are private.  What needs to be shared, with deep gratitude, belief and love, is the incredible healing work that was done by Caterina daily, to keep our beloved on a healing path.  Caterina was already my friend, and for that alone, I am grateful.  And when we needed her, she was more than a generous friend.  She worked tirelessly with us to ensure that each of us was able to support one another.  Sit with that for a moment.  She enabled us to break down any barrier, barriers of geography, injury, fear, hopelessness, and to instead, reach each other in powerful, healing love.  It works and continues to work now, months after the accident.  And when I fell into my own black hole over this, she pulled me out.    Her abilities are remarkable.  Her dedication is her gift to us.  This world needs healers and the universe has given us Caterina.  I continue to work by her stunning example of love, friendship, and faith.  Thank you."

"Caterina recently helped me through a fairly major crisis.  She did it methodically, rationally and calmly. She helped me see a truth I didn't even realize existed. I made quite a change immediately afterwards and couldn't be happier now. This lady knows how to talk you through it. I highly recommend her services. "

Entrepreneur, Vancouver Island

”So often when a crisis hits us, we need a helping hand right at that moment.  Caterina's remarkable energy work and remote Reiki make this possible for her clients.  She has an extraordinary ability to reach out and heal, comfort, guide, and soothe.  Anyone who has an opportunity to work with this intuitive and delightfully loving healer should take that step.”  

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I started Life Coaching with Caterina.  I knew I wasn't happy with my life, and was even considering leaving my husband.  Through professional, and compassionate coaching, Caterina led me through a series of deep conversations that resulted in self created action items.  Each week, we tapped into my goals in life, that week, and even that day.  I am proud to say, I feel content with my life, am excited to be married to my love and look forward the future.  Thank you Caterina, you have a gift." ASL Teacher, Vancouver Island Canada

"I was hesitant to begin with a Life Coach.  I wasn't sure how it would work, especially doing it over the phone.  Once I started working with Caterina, however, I saw that the distance made no difference and my relationship with her was as immediate as if we were in the same room.  She is all of the things that are said in the other testimonials:  empathetic, patient, supporting.  But what I appreciated was her firm encouragement, to keep learning, trying new things, new approaches.  To be accountable.  I feel that she has given me an excellent toolbox of strategies that will help me going forward.    Retired Lawyer - Edmonton, Alberta Canada

"Thank you for everything you do & stand for. I look up to you so much & my life is better because of you.  International Model, Melbourne, Australia"

Caterina is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening and sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. Her coaching I believe, is the start of my journey into a different life.  Sometimes we know what we should do in our hearts but don’t make the necessary changes because of  fear, shame, pain, and  guilt.  Caterina gives you the push needed to move forward and know what you are doing is right for you and is its okay to move on. I am learning to take better care of me, loving me, and  setting boundaries for me,   Caterina is helping me set the foundation for this growth and success.  Thank you.   Banker, Kelowna British Columbia

Caterina's gentle guidance began for me long before I ever formally worked with her in a coaching capacity. I can personally attest to her strength as a guide who helps you to determine your best path. The path is always there; Caterina helps you to clear away the muck so that you can see it for yourself. Our formal coaching sessions commenced nearly 10 years after we first met, during a time where I was struggling with self-confidence and anxiety as many good things in the present and painful emotions from my past seemed to collide. Caterina provided me with the tools that resonated with me in order to help me understand how to manage this. Through powerful visualization techniques, journalling prompts and meaningful conversations, I was able to lift myself out of a cycle of anxiety and learn tools to halt those that might emerge in the future. Thank you Caterina. I feel much stronger in myself today and am more graceful with those that I love then I did prior to us initiating our coaching relationship. AR - Calgary, ABI've known Catarina for years now in the context of several circles both social and professional. She brings the same things to the table consistently: integrity, true empathy and a heartfelt desire and ability to help people see their own worth and develop it. I believe in Cat because she believes in people.   Opera Singer, Motivational Speaker

Thank you Caterina Barregar for the session today. You are my ambassador of embracing the human experience to live a life of Joy, Success, and Legacy. Each time we connect it is at the crossroads of a major breakthrough. You open my eyes to see what is truly within and the art of living a life of congruence that reflects it. You guide me through my own human experience to wear my truth proudly. I am eternally grateful for your generosity, support, and wisdom. Taking that deep breath... The best is yet to come!   New Thought Leader  Naples, Florida

Caterina has helped me in a way I've been looking for my whole life, no one has had the understanding and empathy and supportive energy you do. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you are doing to listen to me and help me. At this point you have my unending support and deep respect. Your understanding of my life condition is impressive beyond belief. Now I understand and truly believe you are gifted. I am not ready or willing at this point to go to someone else to discuss my life story again, especially when I've made such wonderful progress with you. Thank you.  Physicist - Nuclear Scientist - USA

Caterina's commitment, passion and heartfelt desire for her clients to realize their dreams takes her coaching skillset and insight to a whole new level. Having Caterina in your corner gives you the extra edge to act and create what  you want in your life!'  Entrepreneur, Vancouver, B.C.  Canada

Caterina has super powers!  I have been fortunate enough to work with Caterina and would recommend her to anyone looking to heal, connect, find strength and guidance.  Caterina has this amazing gift at connecting with your heart, calming your mind, body and soul.  She is also an incredible cheerleader, truly one of a kind.  Singer,  Vancouver, BC, Canada  

I had the pleasure of working with Caterina for 7 months. I was going through some personal challenges and starting a new business. Both are intertwined and equally important. Caterina helped me overcome my personal difficulties using visualization techniques, meditation, breaking through mental blocks and years of outdated beliefs that did not serve me. She gave me the confidence and tools to move forward in my life and the courage to chase my dreams.  On the business side Caterina counseled me on, marketing, understanding my target market, writing my elevator speech and tag line. She was my cheerleader.  We meet people for a reason. I was sitting beside Caterina at lunch in Vancouver and from there a life long relationship was established. If not for Caterina I probably would still be stuck in my self-doubts and feeling I don’t deserve what I truly want in life.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you Caterina. You made me feel beautiful from the inside out and the outside in.   Event Planner, Calgary, AB

Caterina has the ability to see through your words and into your deepest desires. She has guided me to see so much more about my self, after many years of other work. Caterina has many incredible gifts and a massive desire to help people feel powerful. I feel it every time we connect. After the first few moment of chatting with her the first time, I knew I needed her in my life.  Her precision to assess your needs will blow your mind.  If you are lucky enough to have crossed paths with Caterina honour yourself and work with her. 
You'll be so glad you did! 

 White Rock, BC

I have worked with Caterina for over a year now on various issues.  Her coaching is inspiring and gives you steps and paths to follow to come into your own true power and spirit.  This combined with her reiki has helped to conquer many fears and start to take steps to build an even more incredible life.   RMT, Vernon, BC 

Life coaching with Caterina was my first experience with coaching and I wasn't sure what to expect. Caterina's approach and style was very calm and comforting yet very effective and she very quickly managed to put me at ease. Throughout this process, I managed to learn a great deal about myself. I began to understand how my own thoughts and beliefs have paved the path I have chosen. How certain patterns have kept me from doing what I want to do. How I have kept myself from being all that I could be. So many insights...so many revelations. So much work is still required, but how empowering to know that I have the ability to shape my destiny. Now with Caterina's help I have the tools as well.  I would recommend Caterina and Imagine Life Coaching Inc.  to anyone who is seeking to improve any aspect of their life. She not only has the academic qualifications but also the natural gift to help you understand you. For being a part of my spiritual journey, I thank you Caterina.   Surrey, BC