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Connecting In a World Of Disconnect

Our world is in a place of rebirth.  Empaths all over the world, have known that there was going to be a life changing shift for a very long time.  In my own work, and in Jeffs inspirational photos and quotes, we hope  to reach people everywhere, to bring calm, connection, and the feeling of peace, harmony and joy, in a world disconnected.  

Now is our opportunity to join together and be there to support you in your journey, whether you are an empath, intuitive or someone who simply needs some inspiration and solution focused ideas to help you navigate the world we currently live in.  

Since we won't be doing our usual in person meetups, we have this amazing opportunity to join together, heart to heart in my zoom room.  Trust me, when the time comes to do in person meetups again, you will be hugged.  In the meantime, you know that Jeff and I are always there for a virtual hug, and hopefully a smile.  

We will be meeting online weekly for the time being, so that we can best support everyone who wants to be a part of these meetups. 

Here is the link to register.

In the meantime, if you are feeling very stressed and need a little extra support, please, by all means, reach out to me either on messenger, or by booking a complimentary session at 

With love and smiles for all across the miles.  


Caterina Barregar

Imagine Life Coaching Inc, is for empaths, intuitives and highly sensitive who want to learn to navigate their wold,  so that they can share their gifts and talents, while creating and nurturing the relationships of their dreams.  

Are you ready to be more of who you are meant to be in the world?   



Imagine Life Coaching Inc.

Imagine Life Coaching Inc.

Imagine Life Coaching Inc.


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Imagine Life Coaching Inc.

Imagine Life Coaching Inc.


For Success In Physical And Emotional Well Being 

Working With Caterina

Working with Caterina!!

Caterina is a Solution Focused Coach, who works with empaths, sensitives and intuitives, so that they can better navigate their world.     It's time to honor those gifts, let your healing light shine, create and nurture awesome relationships, and raise their self esteem, so that you can be live the life you are born to live. 

The world needs you! Your Empath's Journey begins here!  Let Caterina introduce you... To yourself!

A decision to Work with Caterina is one you will not regret.

Your Best Life Is Waiting For YOU!  

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