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Caterina Barregar

Owner, Imagine Life Coaching Inc.
Relationship and Empath Coach

I am a Solution Focused Life and Relationship Coach. I work with people who want to improve their mindset to raise their self esteem and build better relationships in all areas of their lives.

Imagine a life of peace, harmony, freedom, joy and love. Imagine Life Coaching encompasses it all.

Make LoveYour Compass

You are successful in many areas of your life, but something is missing. Do you find yourself wondering…

Am I a Good Partner?

Am I Good Enough?

How Can I Communicate Better?

Am I a Good Partner?

Am I Good Enough?

How Can I Communicate Better?

Discovery Session

A Discovery Session is the first step in setting your life on the right track.

Book a Session

Book a discovery session to improve your life and the lives of those around you.

I will meet you where you are now and re introduce you to yourself.

The Empath Journey

Are you an empath?

Whether you are an emerging empath at the beginning of your journey or have already recognized intuitive gifts and talents, I’m here to help.

My personal journey has allowed me the honour of embracing my own gifts and talents and share these gifts and talents with people like you.

What about you? What type of Empath are you?


Abundance is always in you, around you and available to you.

“When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you” – Lao Tzu “When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you” – Lao Tzu The truth is that there’s more than enough […]

Why Are You Still Single?

While most of us want to be in a relationship, there are others, who prefer to remain single. If you’ve been single for a long time, there’s a reason. You have chosen to be single. It’s time to take the […]

How to Practice Self Love

Being able to accept your perfectly imperfect self is key. All too often people mistakenly believe that self-love is all about focusing on the positive. However, it really means accepting yourself exactly as you are. You are completely aware of […]

Practice Happy

Pay attention and notice those little pockets of joy that sneak into your day. We are conditioned to think about everything that has gone wrong, is going to go wrong, or could go wrong. It is human nature. How do […]

What Is Your Love Language?

Everyone needs to feel loved. It’s vital to know how you enjoy being loved, but also how to love others.  Gary Chapman became famous when he came out with a book called The Five Love Languages. What Are Love Languages?  Everyone needs to feel loved. It’s […]

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I want to help you change your life. Here is what my clients have to say.

“When I fell into my own black hole, she pulled me out. Her abilities are remarkable. Her dedication is her gift to us. This world needs healers and the universe has given us Caterina. I continue to work by her stunning example of love, friendship, and faith. Thank you.”

Retired Business Owner, BC Canada

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