Caterina Barregar

Owner, Imagine Life Coaching Inc.
Relationship and Empath Coach

As a child, I was military brat, who moved many times. I quickly became very aware, that  I was different from the other children.  I often felt like an outsider. My gifts and talents grew over the years, and I was encouraged to do something with them. For over a decade, I am proud help people on their journey.  

At the age of 8, I had an experience that was a highly intuitive moment, that was 100% accurate. This eventually led me to the work I do today. I doubted myself at that moment, but soon learned to trust my intuition when it came to the emotional, physical and sometimes spiritual well-being of someone who crossed my path.  

Caterina Barregar portrait

In my teen years, I found that many people would come to me with their emotional distress, and I was able to help them, even in those days. I later found myself working with people on their belief systems when it came to relationships with themselves and others.   

Physical symptoms are closely aligned with what is going on for someone, emotionally and spiritually. I became very ill and after my recovery decided to do more for this world than I had already been doing.   

I became an Usui Intuitive Reiki Master, 4th down in the Usui Lineage and have worked in person and remotely with people around the globe to help them heal their mind, body spirit, including people in hospital and hospice.  

I made a decision to add professional Life Coaching to my practice, and eventually took my professional Coaching and NLP Certification at Erickson International. Since then, I have created a vision and a business model to help my clients remotely wherever they are.   

My  work with you will start with your relationship with yourself, on all levels. When you have a good relationship with yourself, you can create and nurture better relationships with others.  Empaths, intuitives, and highly sensitive people often find themselves isolated and alone when it comes to relationships and it doesn’t have to be that way.   If you find yourself in this situation, then maybe it’s time for a change. 

Remote Reiki and energy work in hospitals and hospice has helped people to survive near death experiences, or in the case of hospice clients, has helped them to feel less pain, and their families to find peace. As an intuitive, I can “see”, “feel” and understand what is happening in your life and help you to shine in  your gifts, talents, and relationship with yourself so that you too, can shine your light on a world in need. 

Teaching my clients the law of attraction, love, kindness, and compassion for self and others, is some of my favourite work.  If only people could realize that when you change your thoughts, and vibrate from a place of love your whole world changes and the ripple effect can make the world just a little bit kinder and more loving. 

In the early days I worked at the Calgary Board of Health and the Calgary Board of Education.   In those days, I wanted to bring meditation to the school board, to help staff and students relax during stressful times. My Director encouraged me, but Meditation in schools was well before its time then.  

Since starting my work in this field, I have had the honour of doing the following:

  1. Erickson Trained Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Previous Mentor Coach to The Passion To Profit course, Previous Teacher Assistant travelling with instructors from the college. 
  2. USUI Intuitive Reiki Master. 
  3. Past President of the Holistic Chamber Of Commerce
  4. South Surrey and Vancouver British Columbia Chapter
  5. Past member of the Canadian Reiki Association 
  6. Contributor to the Good Men Project
  7. Advice Columnist to the Sooke Pocket News 
  8. Speaker – MoMondays – Vancouver
  9. Speaker – U Blossom Retreats
  10. Speaker –  Canadian Reflexology Association
  11. Support Group for Survivors Of Narcissistic Relationships
  12. Speaker – Lady B Free Conference for Survivors of Domestic Violence
  13. Founder – YesYouCan Empowerment For Women 
  14. Founder – Empaths Journey 
  15. Founder – Empath Cafe
  16. Quora  – Answers have been viewed 750K + at the time of this document 
  17. Meditations on – Spotify, CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes
  18. Member International Association Of Medical Intuitives
  19. Various online interviews.  

And so much more.  

When you work with me, I will go the extra mile for you.  I will remind you of what is possible with love. Let me introduce you to your loving self once again.  

If you are interested in the possibility of working with me, please click below to book your complimentary phone session.   I look forward to hearing from you.