Let’s Talk About Intimacy – Part 6

You have a few dates under your belt and you are comfortable with each other. You enjoy the similarities and the differences that each of you brings to the table. 

Next stages in dating – Is that all there is? 

You have a few dates under your belt and you are comfortable with each other. You enjoy the similarities and the differences that each of you brings to the table.

Many people at this stage, become so comfortable that they begin to wonder if this is all there is.  

And that’s the time, to continue dating your partner like it was the very first date. 

Yes, life can become predictable after you have been together for a while, and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact for those of you who have had a lot of chaotic partners, or situations in your lives, you are probably grateful for those moments of just simply knowing, that on any given day, your partner is…




always there for you 

interested in what you are doing 

and wants the relationship to work

If your partner accepts all of you, then you have an awesome individual to be with. 

At some point in your relationship, it will feel like you are doing the same things over and over again. 

Date nights are the same, lovemaking is the same, family and friends are the same.  All of the routines and rituals, seem to be the same.

And you just want something different. You are in the comfort stage of your relationship.  

So spice it up…….

Spice up your love life, and make sure your partner knows that you are planning something special. 

Whether you are the man or the woman in this scenario, it doesn’t matter. 

I recently had a session with one of my clients, who has been struggling with her long term relationship.  They have become comfortable. Too comfortable.  

So, I suggested that instead of expecting her partner to create a date night or waiting for date night to happen, that she might want to be the one to initiate it. 

Now, this couple has been together for a long time and they have children, work and so on.  

She created a date night for her husband, with candles, wine, appetizers, music, the full meal deal. 

Because life is busy for them, when the time came for the date, both of them were exhausted. 

They decided to snuggle up on the couch and read a book.  It’s something that they did many years ago, when their relationship was fairly new.  They hadn’t done that in years and to her surprise, it turned out to be one of the more gentle and romantic evenings they had had in some time. 

She was so excited to tell me about this, and they decided that they would have date night once a week,  and allow them to unfold as they are meant to.  Yes, there is always a plan for the evening, but there is also the flexibility to see where it takes them. 

The point is, that you are going to get comfortable with your partner.  There is no doubt about that.  Creating a date night once a week, or once a month, will work magic in your everyday relationship. 

You will be more intimate, connected and relaxed when each of you takes turns to make date night fun, spicy and enjoyable. 

Continuing to surprise each other as your relationship deepens, is the best way I know to fall in love over and over again.  You don’t need to look somewhere else.  You just need to keep the one you have excited and wanting more.  


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