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Hands-on or remote visualization techniques with the goal of improving the flow of life energy

I have been a Reiki Master/Teacher for many years, but my gift for healing broken hearts, bodies and minds began at the age of 8. ​My grandmother was a healer and somehow the gift of healing became a part of me when I spent a year with her in Berlin, Germany.

In the years that followed, I became very aware that I was able to feel people’s pain and suffering. I could intuitively see and understand what their physical condition was, how it happened and what the emotional connection was.

As the years went by, I wanted more and more to help those who were suffering. I became a Reiki Master, so that I could be an even more effective healer.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of therapy that uses simple hands-on or remote visualization techniques, with the goal of improving the flow of life energy in a person.

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means “universal life energy” in Japanese, and Reiki practitioners are trained to detect and alleviate problems of energy flow on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Reiki is used in much the same way to achieve similar effects that traditional massage therapy is used —to relieve stress, pain and emotional trauma and to improve the symptoms of various health conditions.


Reiki provides many of the same benefits as traditional massage therapy, such as reducing stress, stimulating the immune system, increasing energy, and relieving the pain and symptoms of health conditions. Reiki practitioners have reported success in helping patients with acute and chronic illnesses, from asthma to arthritis to trauma and recovery from surgery. It is currently being taught to medical students at several colleges and universities around North America.

Reiki is a gentle and safe technique, and has been used successfully in some hospitals and dentist offices. It has been found to be very calming and reassuring. Doctors, nurses, psychologists and other health professionals can use Reiki to bring touch that conveys deep caring to their healing practices.

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Reiki Session

Reiki sessions can take various forms. I do long-distance (remote) Reiki over the phone. A session is usually a half-hour or one hour long.

As the practitioner, I use mental visualization to offer healing energy to specific areas of the receiver’s body that need it. Advanced practitioners rely on intuition and experience to determine which areas of a body need the most energy healing. There are over 20 positions on both sides of the body where the hands are placed virtually. The positions begin at the crown of the head and move towards the feet.

The receiver might experience sensations in their body, either where the practitioner is working or elsewhere. Sensations may include heat, cold, or tingling in the arms and legs.. The receiver might also experience a growling stomach sound or fluttering eyelashes.

The practitioner will stay in a particular position to allow for deeper healing until the receiver and practitioner feel the temperature returning to normal. It is helpful for both the giver and receiver to attempt to maintain an attitude of awareness, openness, and caring.

Reiki practitioners recommend that those receiving Reiki for the first time go through a series of three or four treatments over the course of about a week to allow for cleansing and the initial readjustment of energy.

Reiki Testimonials

“So often when a crisis hits us, we need a helping hand right at that moment.  Caterina’s remarkable energy work and remote Reiki make this possible for her clients.  She has an extraordinary ability to reach out and heal, comfort, guide, and soothe.  Anyone who has an opportunity to work with this intuitive and delightfully loving healer should take that step.”

“Caterina Barregar is the real deal! I had tried Reiki out in the past, and although I always felt calm and relaxed afterwards I had never felt that the practitioner had really “seen” me. Caterina’s sessions are completely different. She welcomes you like an old friend and is one of the kindest and most loving people I have ev…er met. Her sessions are truly a collaborative process. She uses her incredible intuition skills to ask you laser-pointed questions, and then from the answers you give, she guides the energy to where it can help you the most. You leave feeling lighter, happier, and more balanced. But the big pay-off comes after having a number of sessions with her: authentic transformation. Thank you.”

“Caterina is the real thing. If you want to experience real change in your life and your are ready to change, Caterina can help you. Her powerful combination of coaching and Reiki has been a catalyst for change for so many. I unreservedly recommend her to you.”

“If you have ever wondered about Reiki therapy…… You must try Caterina . She is amazing! The energy she heals with feels amazing. Stress levels go from 8-0 in a few minutes. :)”

“Caterina has a natural ability to read energy and recognize blockages to healing that can often not be taught. It is something that has to come naturally to a person. Caterina is a gifted intuitive and Reiki is perfect for her unique abilities. Since those initial sessions I have sent many of my own clients to her and always with impressive results or insights into what was preventing them from finding the healing they are looking for.”

“As Caterina’s Reiki Master, I am truly impressed by the high degree of medical intuition she naturally has. Caterina is also able to offer sound advice as to how to deal with those issues of concern. Anyone seeking therapy from Caterina will greatly benefit from her intuitive gifts and competence as a Reiki Master.”

“Caterina is a very gifted healer. You can feel her love and warmth and soft vibration when your near her and it soothes & calms down your soul. I came to Caterina to feel more grounded. Her Reiki technique is amazing for calming the central nervous system and she uses her intuitions and fingertips to seek the route of the problem. What I like the most about Caterina’s healing and life coaching is that she helps bring you into the present. And also uncovers unbalanced chakras and then sends her healing energy to remove blocks and focus on the specific areas of pain and why we are effected in our specific chakras by emotional pain we carry from the past. Caterina helps us to let it go. It is gift. Thank you, Caterina. Looking forward to more sessions.”

“Caterina is one of those kind, beautiful people we all wish might come into our lives. Just when I needed her, she was there and continues to be there while I work through my issues…physical, mental and emotional. A Reiki session with Caterina is pure peace. She is incredibly intuitive but also very intelligent and practical. To know Caterina is to love her and to realize how lucky you are to have her there for your personal healing journey. “

“I am very selective about who I will let work on me for energy healing. Not all healers are created equal and it is up to us to trust our own inner guidance before allowing someone to enter our field. Yesterday’s reiki healing with Caterina Barregar was exquisite. She is masterful as a healer and has the spiritual maturity to assist you in processing the messages.”

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