20 Awesome Tips To Boost Your Self Esteem

As a Relationship Coach one of my main priorities with clients is to help them raise their self esteem before getting into a relationship or to enhance the relationship they are already in.

Need a boost of confidence? Try some of these fun ideas. 

As a Relationship Coach one of my main priorities with clients is to help them raise their self esteem before getting into a relationship or to enhance the relationship they are already in.

  1. Get naked (in your own home please!) Walking around the house nude helps you become more confident in your own skin. 
  2. Try something outside of your comfort zone.  You. may just love it.
  3. Learn a new hobby. Take a class, read a book, watch online videos. Try something you might feel less confident about.  We all have to start somewhere. 
  4. Take a stand-up comedy class. Laughing at yourself and making others laugh is a great way to build confidence.
  5. Get in shape.. Take up martial arts. Learn to line dance. Go hiking in nature.  All of these, can lift your spirits, get you into better shape and build confidence.
  6. Flirt a little, without taking it any further, makes you feel good about yourself. And even more than that, it’s fun.
  7. Join a good cause. When you help others, you feel good because you’ve contributed to someone else’s betterment. 
  8. Join the selfie crusade. Take good ones. Take bad ones. Take funny ones.  
  9. Go someplace nobody will recognize you and cut loose. Be bold. Laugh out loud. Sing. Dance. Lol.  That will definitely be out of some peoples comfort zone.
  10. Singing releases ‘feel good’ endorphins. Sing in the shower, sing in your car.  Feel the beat of the music.
  11. Teach a class. It doesn’t matter the topic, just do it. You know stuff.
  12. Host a roast. Gather your friends and select a few candidates. Say some nice things about them, then roast them with embarrassing but kind stories, jokes, etc. It’s important to establish the rules and gain permission from candidates first.
  13. Find a mentor, someone who inspires you to do more and be better. Hire a life coach, like me.
  14. Throw a pity party – but only for a few minutes. Get it out of your system and move on.
  15. Host or attend a meet and greet event in your area or online.
  16. Document on social media, your progress of becoming more confident. The feedback you get will be encouraging. 
  17. Set boundaries.  Don’t let people bring you down.. Stop creating or feeding into drama. Remove toxic people from your life.
  18. Expect the best & believe it will happen. Don’t think about ‘what if’s’, instead focus on what you will gain with the positive outcome.
  19. Be defiant. Stop doing what others want you to do just to please them.  Make your own path. It’s your journey.  
  20. Own your flaws. Being self-aware reduces how other people’s thoughts affect you
  21. Celebrate your successes, even if nobody celebrates with you.
  22. Dress like the person you want to be. Wear bright lipstick. Stand tall and confident. Mirror the actions of other confident people. Be bold. 
  23. Acknowledge that all lessons are there to teach you. Stuff happens. It’s all about learning so you can do better. 
  24. Give compliments only when they are deserved, but not out of habit. Say yes when you want to and when it’s good for you. Don’t worry about upsetting others. If you’re not occasionally upsetting someone, you’re being too nice.
  25. Watch your self talk and try this quiz.  It can be enlightening. https://forms.gle/6opyvxTXnenx1wz57. You can also check out the If I believed in myself quiz.  https://forms.gle/Ne6oibPSvAMw8Dyi6. Or you can book a complimentary session with me at https://calendly.com/coachcaterina/complimentary-45-minute-phone-session.  

In the meantime, I wish you all the very best of everything.  You can do anything you set your mind to.   


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