8 Top Fears That Keep Us From Embracing Change

At some point in everyone’s life, change will happen.  And that can bring about fear and anxiety.  

At some point in everyone’s life, change will happen.  And that can bring about fear and anxiety.  

The most common fears around change are:

Failure, Rejection, Loneliness, Feeling Inadequate, The Unknown, Disappointing Others, Success, Wasted Time 

It’s normal to be unsure about change, but when even the thought of change prevents you from taking a step towards a better life, job or relationship, it’s time to seek guidance. 

Here are some of the most common fears.  Read on to see which one or more apply to your situation.  


Possible failure has always been a part of the human condition.  It’s never really a failure, but instead it’s about learning what you don’t want to do next time, and embracing the changes towards what you do want, that will help you in moving forward.


No one wants to face the possibility of rejection.. The reality is that rejection is going to happen. Learning to understand that what we perceive as rejection can often be a defining moment in life that propels forward to something even better.  


Fear of loneliness can cause people to stay in an abusive relationship, and make bad relationship choices, just to have someone in their lives.  Allowing yourself to be alone for a time will balance you, and will also bring you more aligned relationships. 


Lower self-esteem and self-worth can cause feelings of inadequacy to and will stop you from taking charge and making important decisions for your life.  Sometimes when you have lower self esteem, you look to others to help you decide and validate your next steps, which can make things even worse.   Thoughts that you can’t measure up to others may cause you to pass on a promotion or to hinder you from becoming a leader.

So when you find yourself saying, “I can’t do this”, “I don’t know how”, “I haven’t studied

enough”, “I’m not ready”, just add the word yet at the end of those thoughts. Then start

doing something so that you can do it, expand your knowledge, and get ready whatever it is you want by embracing change and learning to love yourself no matter

where you find yourself in life.

The Unknown

Many people won’t try something new because of the fear that it won’t

work or they won’t like the outcome.  No matter what the outcome is, it will always lead you to your next best steps. 

Fear of Change 

Fearing change itself, not only sabotages any forward motion but can be paralyzing. Fear can be a good thing when you use it as your fuel to get to a better place in life. 


Making massive changes in your life is about you.  Focus on what you need, what fills your heart and soul up.  Yes, it may disappoint some of the people you care about when you make decisions that might alter the way your romantic relationship, work relationship or friendships moves forward, but then you need to ask yourself “Who am I disappointing when I sacrifice my own happiness so as not to disappoint someone else? You are only disappointing yourself.  So move forward with confidence.  So will join you, some will not.  The most important point here, is that this is your life, and you are allowed to decide. 


Success means something different to everyone.  True success is about being happy with your life and living everyday to its fullest.    No  matter what success looks like for you, happiness, joy, love are the main 

But what if you finally become successful?  What then?   Studies have shown that the fear of success can bring about thoughts of being an imposter in your field of choice, or 

it might be more about what happens after you reach that goal of being successful.  What happens next?  Where do you go, What do you do?  How do you proceed?  When you are looking to reach that big goal, remember to have your next goal right in front of you.  The solutions to more success will present themselves.  


Being ridiculed or dismissed about our ideas and goals can create fear and

anxiety, especially to those who suffer from lower self-esteem and self worth. Stage fright is a form of the fear of criticism. We experience anxiety when we must address an audience because there’s a chance we think we might not measure up.  You will always be heard and understood by those who are in your corner.   

Wasted Time 

Time is never wasted.   Spending time to hone a skill is as important as pivoting when you want to learn even more about what you already know. Most very successful people don’t stop after one or two or ten times.  They will always embrace change, and go in the direction of what is best. 

Many of our fears are created in our own thoughts such as negative self-talk, suffering and lack mentality, reflecting on the past or future thinking to the point that we are not using the most valuable time available to us.  And that is the present.

In all of the above points, you need to remember that when you think you need, should or could change some part of your life, it’s doubtful that change will happen. It’s 

when the need for change becomes a MUST, that everything changes, and you will do whatever it takes for however long it takes to take your life to the next level.   

If you want to make changes in your life, but haven’t because fear keeps you stuck, book a session with me. 

Life will never be the same when you embrace change. 


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