Get Ready To Call In The One

Written For The Good Men Project by Caterina

Have you ever thought about the inner work you need to do to attract your true soulmate? 

“Hello? Are you out there?”

How often have you heard yourself say that?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to meet someone who is on the same vibrational frequency as you are in every way?

You are single and you are searching. There are online dating sites, meet-ups, blind dates, grocery stores, libraries, and so many other ways to meet someone. And yes, you can meet someone to date almost anywhere.

But let’s talk about calling in the ONE.  Wouldn’t it be amazing to meet someone who is on the same vibrational frequency as you are in every way?






We can meet people and date them, but it all seems a little flat.  Sparks might fly when it comes to the physical, but as you get to know them, you might find they are not on the same page in other areas. Perhaps they’re not on the same chapter as you are, or are maybe they are in another book altogether.

Here ‘s the thing.  You will meet the same woman or man, over and over again until the lessons are learned and the past is forgiven.

Who do you want to attract?

Make a list.

Now, look at the list.

How many of those traits on your list are in line with who you are?

If they are not, then think about the man or woman you want to meet.  They probably have a list too.

So look at your list.  What do YOU need to do to get ready for the ONE?

Set healthier boundaries?

Forgive the past?

Get physically fit?

Create abundance in all areas?

Learn to appreciate all parts of you?

Be in gratitude?

Be in service?

Get rid of Negative Self Talk?

Know your values and needs, and live by them?

If you haven’t found the ONE yet, don’t give up. Keep working on you, and know that the love of your life is waiting. Waiting for you to get ready. Because they are getting ready for YOU.  And when you are both ready, you will meet.  And so it is.


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