Stop Labeling Yourself

STOP. Stop labelling yourself. You are amazing. You are perfectly imperfect  just the way you are.  

STOP. Stop labelling yourself. You are amazing. You are perfectly imperfect  just the way you are.  Please stop telling yourself that you are a survivor, when you are a thriver.  Instead of talking about ADHD, talk about the fact that you are detail oriented and driven to get things done. 

Stop telling yourself that you are depressed, that you have been abused, that your family hurt you, your lover hurt you, you are neglected, or someone abused you. 

Stop telling yourself that no one cares for you. 

You don’t need to keep reliving your story, your history, your circumstance. You are so much more than that. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.  

What’s holding you back from living your absolute best? Starting today,  you and I can uncover the reasons you are where you are in your life, and together we can write you a new story. Lets fill the chapters of your book with joy, bliss, health, laughter and love, healthy body, mind and spirit.

And then you will naturally draw those people to you who are not only in the same book, the same chapter but who are also on the same page as you are. 2019 is just around the corner.  Yes, we all have something about ourselves that we don”t like or we wish was different.  

Most people have at least one diagnosis of something they wish they didn’t.  

And some people, keep searching for something else to find wrong, something else to worry about, and something else that keeps them from interacting with others, loving others, and loving themselves.  Don’t let the labels get to you.   Having any condition, illness or a diagnosis of mental illness, can bring us to our knees.  Or it can help us to stand up and say, I am not my body, I am not my condition, I am not my history and I am most certainly not what happened to me.   I am so much more than that.  

2019 is just around the corner and I would love nothing better than to see you flourish, leave the past behind, stop worrying about the future,  reframe your thinking and be in this moment.   Because being present is where it’s at.  All of the other stuff will still be there, but why not enjoy each moment that you have with gratitude and love.  


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