The 6 Basic Human Needs

Have you ever thought about how much self care you are practicing? Are your needs being met? Let’s take a look.

The 6 Basic Human Needs 

What are the 6 basic human needs?







When I think about the six human needs I always think of the teachings of Tony Robbins. 

When you look at the needs listed, think of something positive you might have done and ask yourself these questions: 

Was I certain that this was the right thing to do?

Was I unsure of moving forward with something and realized that uncertainty can offer the variety that is sometimes lacking?

Did I feel significant? 

Was I kind, compassionate and caring to someone I connected with?

What should I learn to next?  I am always curious. 

How do I contribute this positive moment to more people?

Think of something negative that you have done? 

Were you certain that it was the right thing for you to do?  Did you have an outcome in mind?

Were you wanting to shake things up a bit?  Did you create a situation where you were not certain of the outcome, but it gave you a thrill to do it? 

Were you wanting to have someone understand you, hear you?

Did you feel connected, like you belong, loved?

Did this event help you to grow personally?

Do you feel like you contributed to someone’s life? 

Not all of your needs will be met in any single experience you have in life. 

There will be some however that will be met.  It doesn’t matter if it is a positive or negative act, one or more of these needs will be met. 

My point is that no matter what you do in life, you will notice which of your needs are not being met and which are. 

Here are some positive affirmations you can use when you want to attract more good in your life. It speaks to the 6 basic needs we all have. 

I am certain that the best is yet to be. 

I attract variety that excites me and empowers me 

Uncertainty teaches me 

I love feeling like I am making a difference 

Feeling connected and loved heals 

Growing into the person I am meant to be in the world motivates me 

Giving is the most what love is all about 

If you are interested in learning more about which of your needs are being met and which ones could use some work, here is my needs assessment.  As you do the assessment, think about what comes up for you.   This process can sometimes be very enlightening.




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